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Their tech support pros are extremely helpful and courteous.


Toll Free Support. or calling 888.525.4747 from 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Central Time.


You may also check out their three types of self-help options on their website.

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IDX stands for Internet Data Exchange. It is best summed up as the ability to display MLS listings in a searchable database on your website.  IDX is synonymous with the concept of broker reciprocity. Broker reciprocity is the concept by which brokers mutually agree to allow display of their listings on each other’s websites. Of course none of this can happen without the well thought-out guidelines and regulations that your TAR and NAR board of directors have put together.

What do I need to put IDX on my website?

Wondering what you need to do to put IDX on your website? Here is a quick summary of the steps you need to take in order to get IDX up and running on your website as soon as possible.

1. Fill out and sign the IDX Participation Agreement (below). This is an agreement between YOU and TAR, acknowledging that you understand your responsibilities of how the IDX data must be displayed, what disclaimers and logos to use, etc. Every TAR member must fill out and sign this Agreement before they can have access to the database to put IDX on their website.. This is a comprehensive document, and should answer most of your questions in terms of the Telluride IDX guidelines.

2. If you currently do not have a website but are interested in IDX and a website, you have several options. Feel free to call Mier Esch at 970.728.5172 and she can fill you in on possibilities.

3. Please realize that IDX may not materialize on your website for a few more weeks. The steps above will get the ball rolling, but it will take a little while before IDX is officially up and running on your website. By contacting your vendor and by returning the completed IDX Participation Agreement/IDX Vendor Agreement to the TAR office, you will have taken tremendous strides in the IDX implementation on your site.

TAR’s IDX program has been successfully running for several years, and it has been an immense benefit to our members. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the MLS Coordinator, Mier Esch at 970.728.5172.

Participation Agreement
Vendor Agreement
Important things to know about IDX

There are many facets of the Telluride IDX program; below you will find a list of key points regarding IDX. For comprehensive details regarding the guidelines and regulations regarding the IDX program, please refer to the Participation Agreement (click the link above).

Per the IDX Rules & Regulations, all TAR REALTORS® interested in displaying the IDX database must sign and complete the IDX Participation Agreement (click the link above to download it).

  • The Telluride IDX program is only available to REALTOR® members of TAR, including brokers and broker associates.
  • All MLS listings are presumed and implied to be included in the Telluride IDX database. By contributing all of your listings to the Telluride IDX database, you are entitled to utilize the IDX database on your website. You may opt out of contributing your listings to the IDX database, however, you will lose your ability to utilize the IDX database or any other aspect of the Telluride IDX program.
  • You must contribute 100% of your listings. An IDX participant may exclude any individual listing from the IDX Database by obtaining a written request from their seller to exclude the listing and present a copy of such to TAR upon request. Please note that TAR will be very firm on this issue.
  • MLS data cannot be modified in any way.
  • The listing agent and brokerage MUST be displayed on all listings. No phone number, no link to an email or website, just the agent’s name and brokerage. This is FIRM, don’t even call and try to ask us to change this. There are serious representational liability issues at stake on this issue.
  • Your IDX data must be refreshed at least once every seven (7) days.
  • Strict attention must be paid to the “Licensed Data Fields” list that details Required, Optional, and Prohibited MLS data fields.
  • The Participation Agreement requires that you register all of your websites where IDX data will be displayed with the TAR office.
  • Sanctions for violations of the Participation Agreement are severe. The proper display of MLS data on websites is CRUCIAL. As you all know, we are very concerned with how the MLS data is displayed within our own MLS system, but now we are presenting that MLS data for the entire world to see, so it is very important that it is done correctly. The Participation Agreement goes into great detail on your responsibilities in displaying the MLS data on your IDX website. Your IDX Vendor should be aware of how the data needs to be formatted properly on your website.
  • You may use any IDX Vendor you wish. All IDX vendors MUST complete an IDX vendor agreement with TAR, thereby notifying them of the rules for TAR’s IDX. If you are using a new vendor that has not previously completed an agreement with our office, please contact us so we may get the proper agreement to them. This is of UTMOST IMPORTANCE so that a vendor follows the rules for our association’s IDX and pays the New IDX Vendor Set-up fee.

VOW License Agreement
Brokerage Back Office (BBO) License Agreement