Important Updates on CAR Healthcare Option!

Important Updates on CAR Healthcare Option!

Hello Friends!

We have been very busy enrolling and servicing members in the current healthcare option, and we are constantly looking to improve members’ access to quality benefits while keeping costs low for them and their families.  We have an exciting new update in the works and wanted to spread the word about what we’re working on and what you can expect, with the caveat that until the supporting technology is tested and released, there may be slight alterations to the plans.

Upgrade #1

We will be offering an additional inexpensive option that deals with routine medical care (primary care) only.  These benefits are included in the current offering, but they are not available independently.  They will be available to purchase alone going forward for members who feel this best fits their needs.  This might be a great option for members who have a traditional plan through a working spouse’s employment, but the high deductible makes the plan unusable for routine care.

Upgrade #2

We will be adding a portal for traditional insurance options.  One of the main reasons the current cost sharing option doesn’t work for all members is how it deals with pre-existing conditions.  The new portal will give them insurance resources, including direct communication with an experienced Colorado health insurance agent who joined us to help REALTORS®.  She will be available to guide people through the different insurance options in their respective communities.  Furthermore, while Colorado is not yet allowing association health plans (AHPs), when that changes, we will be in position to make that available through this portal!

Upgrade #3

While the medium to large medical needs addressed by Sedera never required the use of a network, the routine care (small medical services) did require the use of a network.  This requirement was confusing to some, but it will no longer apply to new enrollees!  This will significantly simplify the message to REALTORS® on how this solution works.  Current enrollees will get communication from us on how to upgrade so this will apply to them, and we will be working on that when the time comes.  In short, there will be no dependence on networks going forward for any medical needs.

Upgrade #4

The new benefits will include dental and vision benefits for no extra cost.  Many people have been asking for this, so it was an important addition to the offering!

Upgrade #5

The monthly cost will be lower.  Woohoo!  This will apply to new enrollees, but we will be reaching out to all current enrollees to help them upgrade to the new benefits and lower their costs.

Please contact me with any questions you may have, and feel free to share this with important members of your boards/communities, if you feel so inclined.  I look forward to rolling this out!


Brady Mullen, Business Development Director

(P) 720-285-8050


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